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Independent Franchise Partners, LLP offers a specialist, differentiated equity investment strategy for institutional clients.  We are committed to delivering attractive long-term returns while focusing on the absolute risks inherent in equity investment.  The strategy is available through both Global Franchise and US Franchise portfolios.

The Franchise investment approach is based on the understanding that a concentrated portfolio of exceptionally high quality companies, whose primary competitive advantage is supported by a dominant intangible asset, will earn attractive long-term returns with less than average volatility.  This is particularly true when those investments are selected with an absolute value bias.

The US Franchise strategy is open and available for investment. Capacity in the Global Franchise strategy is available via a wait-list process.  Please contact us if you would like further information on either of these strategies.

Our UK Stewardship Code Statement can be found here.

Firm Overview

The Firm is an independent investment management partnership.  There are no external shareholders or affiliations with any other investment management company, fund distributor, investment bank or commercial bank.